18 May 2022

Stratis Funds Defi x NFT Innovation Center In Uganda

Stratis begins a new partnership with the ruling monarch of the Tooro Kingdom, King Oyo, to provide beneficial features on the Stratis blockchain to the people in Uganda. By joining forces with King Oyo’s charitable foundation. The two plan to cooperate on new blockchain use cases that can better the administration of the Tooro Kingdom for the benefit of its inhabitants. With a particular interest in the world of agriculture.

Small farmers dominate the agricultural industry in Uganda
Credit: Feed the Future

Uganda’s Future With Stratis

As part of the agreement, Stratis will establish an innovation center within the kingdom devised to build blockchain development skills and NFT knowledge. Furthermore, Stratis plans to allocate lead teams formed of technical roles to elevate blockchain development across Africa. Finally, a specifically designed syllabus will transmit all obtained knowledge to the masses. The syllabus will leverage famed development tools, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

“We’re looking forward to developing a syllabus that will be taught at the new innovation center, focused on the use of Stratis blockchain technologies. We view this investment as the beginning of Stratis Africa and plan to deploy a senior team to Uganda. King Oyo is taking a forward-thinking stance on innovation that will bring new economic opportunities to the Tooro Kingdom.”

– Chris Trew, Founder and CEO, Stratis

While the popularity surrounding Defi grows, a significant gap in Web3 knowledge remains, causing misconceptions and easy targets for scammers. However, as countries and businesses begin to accept the power of the blockchain, access to fundamental knowledge becomes available. As the Defi community grows, safety remains a top priority; however, as the technology becomes more complex, so do the scams.

“Blockchain technologies offer new approaches to organizing societies and increasing efficiencies. In the Tooro Kingdom, we see that the immutability of blockchain has significant potential, for example, for use cases within agriculture, logistics, banking and many more. I’m excited to be working with Stratis to further knowledge and understanding across the kingdom.”

– King Oyo (Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV)

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