GALE Network Continues to Grow in DeFi Space as Cross-Chain Platform After Successful Launch

GALE Network ($GALE), a high-yield sustainable deflationary compounding daily ROI platform on the BSC and Cronos network with a daily compounding yield upto 7,778%, saw a substantial growth and stabilization throughout the ecosystem soon after the successful launch of the platform.

GALE Network had a fair launch on PancakeSwap on April 25, 2022 at 09 PM UTC, and the project was open to public on April 26 at 12 PM UTC. The launch included utilities like Auction, Windmill, Lottery and referral NFT contracts.

GALE Network – A yield deflationary compounding daily ROI platform

The GALE network is a cryptocurrency smart contract certificate of deposit and an ROI dApp. This net deflationary token, powered by a BEP20 and Cronos token, functions as a store of value against typically depreciating currencies.

GALE is censorship-resistant, immutable, and upgradeable, and it provides its members with unique decentralized financial services like as early access to DeFi projects via its launchpad. GALE will also have NFTs available on the network. GALE NFTs are high-utility NFTs that provide special GALE network features such as referral benefits, additional lottery tickets, additional tickets for Launchpad access, and much more.

What’s next in GALE – A new horizon

Following a booming launch, GALE Network is set on to a path of steady growth. GALE managed to achieve several milestones on the way of its revolutionary roadmap. The open market price of GALE token has progressively risen and moved to the right. The number of GALE token and Windmill depositors has also grown in the previous couple days. The lottery has proven to be a huge success. GALE experienced increased involvement and an increase in the purchase of admission tickets, resulting in more GALE tokens burned.

Furthermore. GALE Network is working on following utilities to strengthen the projects’s ecosystem more than ever:

  • The airdrop for DRIP/HEX/REX is currently in the works. GALE has to make several changes in order to maximize its potential reach. The details of the airdrop will be revealed in upcoming announcements.

  • The details of GALE’s first Buyback and Burn are being finalized. However, more than 50 million GALE has been burnt on lottery tickets, stakes, and taxes thus far.

  • GALE intends to become a cross-chain platform. The Cronos launch is expected to take place within 3 weeks. Other EVMs (Ethereum Virtual Machines) will come after that. By the third quarter of 2022, the Gale Network will have a total of 5 EVMs.

  • The details about the first project to launch on the GALE launchpad will be revealed in the future updates.However, iIt is rumored to be a game/metaverse token.

  • GALE will also be releasing details of the launch of its P2P Decentralized Exchange soon.

Overall, the future of GALE Network is brightening by the day, with a growing network of activities and utilities supported by a consistently supporting community and hardworking team members. 

Tokenomics and Taxation

GALE will be allocated in a Dutch auction that will last 180 days. On the first day, 25,000,000 GALE will be auctioned off. This will gradually decline until just 50,000 tokens are auctioned off on day 180.

The initial mint will be 345,833,334 GALE, which will cover AirDrops, initial marketing expenses, and Pancakeswap liquidity fees. After the sale, there are a total of 2,217,464,265 GALE in circulation. Because the first list price is $0.0006, the initial market cap is $25,000, and there are 41,666,667 GALE in circulation.

The GALE team has done it all, from innovative tokenomics to deflationary and highly effective launchpad to ground-breaking work on NFTs and deploying multiple EVMs. With the Lottery and Auction live in action, DRIP/HEX/REX airdrop in works, P2P DEX under development and the goal of becoming a cross-chain platfrom, this is going to be an action packed next few months for GALE Network.

Further details about the token, launchpad and other utilities can be found on the project’s social platforms and official website.

About GALE Network

GALE is a hybrid of HEX (Certificate of Deposit) and DRIP (ROI Dapp) in that you may buy your tokens in Daily Auctions and stake (lock) your tokens to earn 1.2% every day for up to 365 days. GALE also contains some of the HNW mechanics in that it includes NFTs and functions as a LaunchPad. Finally, the daily Lottery adds to the sense of the EMP Finance Detonator.

GALE is intended to be a store of value in comparison to traditional currencies. As a result, GALE employs a number of deflationary measures, such as periodic buybacks, the burning of all GALE stake deposits after tax, and others.











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