Boost Your Portfolio’s Performance With Boostx And BNB (Binance Coin)

As portfolio gains start to look snowed in by the looming crypto winter, discovering different approaches to investing in cryptocurrencies is crucial for a successful next bull market.

Understanding and using cryptocurrency launchpads, like Boostx and the Binance Launchpad, might just find you some of your most successful coins for when a positive market sentiment returns.

Why buy Presale coins?

Presale cryptocurrencies offer undiscovered gems which aren’t even available to trade yet. This means their market capitalisation is minute compared to what its future valuation could be. It is for this reason that cryptocurrency presales offer such a huge potential return on investments. Getting involved with a coin with a market cap of $1 million means if that coin only reaches a $100 million market cap – still relatively small in the grand scheme of things – you’ve bagged a 100 times return on your original investment. 

However, this of course comes with a problem. Which coins out of the thousands that are released every year should you buy? How do you know that what you are buying is a project with a serious future?

Boostx provides a compelling solution to this problem. 

Why Boostx offers something radical

Boostx is no ordinary launchpad. It has the capability of launching coins from any high-brow blockchain and checks every project requesting its services on its fundamentals and development team. Boostx ensures only the best quality start-up projects are available for their cryptocurrency presale services.

It’s well-known in the cryptocurrency community that a coin’s development team plus a good community is what contributes to its success and longevity.

By ensuring a currency has a strong background, Boostx in return ensures the coin has a thriving community. Boostx could become an excellent marketing platform for the coins it launches if it continues to only launch successful projects.

Can Boostx catch up with the Binance Launchpad 

Powered by the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, the Binance Launchpad empowers investors on its platform by offering anyone with a KYC-verified account (Know your client) the opportunity to buy coins listed on its cryptocurrency launchpad. This gives the coin and development team access to over 10 million potential investors.

Similarly to Boostx, the Binance Launchpad, vets all projects for excellence. This gives investors the peace of mind that what they are being offered to buy holds some gravitas and isn’t likely to be a pump and dump scheme. 

What Binance has to its advantage regarding its cryptocurrency launchpad is the weight of users behind the Binance exchange already. This is what Boostx is currently lacking, having only been active for a week or two, the launchpad and the coins it is launching are relatively undiscovered. 

If you have been looking for that next hidden gem in the rough that could make you 100 times your investment, the Boostx might just be the platform you are looking for. Plentiful in DeFi Layer 2s and 3s with an emphasis on interoperability and scalability, the coins listed on Boostx are certainly worth checking out for some huge gains as we prepare for the next bull market. Check the link below for more information:

BoostX Finance – BoostX Premium Launchpad Technology .

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