Crypto Christmas Spectacular As HUH Token, Binance and Tether Rise

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With another little fall in the cryptocurrency market this week, it appears that some currencies have managed to stay afloat. Tether witnessed a big boost for a slight decrease in the market, and HUH Token saw 4X its liquidity in a couple of days since its early December introduction.

Binance has begun to withdraw its trading platform from Singapore, yet it looks that, as the year draws to a close, cryptocurrency has experienced a bullish market.

It appears that the crypto Christmas spectacular is in full swing.

And that might lead to a prosperous crypto season for you and others, however why would you want to get engaged with cryptocurrency around the holidays?

HUH On The Up!

HUH Token launched in early December and has had a fantastic week on the cryptocurrency market. The growing popularity of the world’s first Utimeme continues, and with 12,000+ holders in just over three weeks, it appears that HUH Token is aiming for the moon… or at least 1 million HUH Token holders in three months… for now.

Now, the cryptocurrency market moves quickly, so those three months may seem shorter than you expect, but HUH Token is here to stay.

Given their early popularity, HUH Token is an altcoin that you might want to get involved with. As a result of their popularity, HUH Token’s value has surged as well. HUH Token increased the value of their currency by burning a whopping $4million worth of HUH Token on Wednesday the 15th of December and the 20th of December… which saw the currency increase for its holders…. And you could still be a part of that!

This will benefit all HUH Token holders, including you, because burning more cash raises the value of each token!

Given that HUH Token holders who deposited $1000 in the first 24 hours on the cryptocurrency market may have received a $10,000 return, this could be highly advantageous.

If you’d like to become a HUH Token holder due to their 1 million token burn, they’re currently offering a unique referral system in which the HUH Token holder receives a unique code that when used by their friends or families will give the holder a 10% BNB bonus and the referee will receive a 10% sales fee reduction.

For you and HUH, it appears like HUH Token is making this crypto Christmas one to remember.

Always remember to do your homework on cryptocurrencies before investing in one, and make sure the one you choose is the right one for you.

Search sites like,, PancakeSwap, BitForex and Poocoin to find out more… HUH Token is available on all of these platforms and exchanges.

(Tether)ed To The Moon

Cryptocurrency has witnessed a positive market this holiday season, yet with a recent downturn, it appears that Tether, along with several other altcoins like HUH Token, have managed to Tether themselves to a steady and healing slope.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance all fell after the drop, it appears that the smaller, newly minted cryptocurrencies took a metaphorical one for the team.

This could be one of the reasons why whale investors are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies, as Tether has demonstrated that these investments can yield huge returns, or even profit during market downturns.

Unlike larger cryptocurrencies, which frequently see the steepest drops during market downturns.

It’s exciting to watch the value of altcoins rise as the market falls since it could give a previously uncovered profit opportunity.

Tether may have demonstrated, during this cryptocurrency market downturn, that altcoins, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, are beginning to hold their own in the market, albeit without the extra benefit of an Elon Musk Tweet.

Of course, conducting your own research is always the best option.

The Binance Goodbye

Binance merely started the application process to launch a trading platform in Singapore last year, and it looks like the fiat-to-crypto operations will be completed by early February 2022.

The withdrawal of such a significant corporate application, however, appears to have put an end to rumours that Singapore will become Binance’s headquarters in the future years.

Although experts have seen a decline in digital currency since Binance’s announcement to leave the Singapore market, it appears that Singapore will refocus its efforts on blockchain technology in the future. Ether, the world’s second largest digital currency, has fallen by 4.1 percent, and Bitcoin, the world’s largest digital currency, has fallen to around $48,000.

Overall, the removal of Binance’s application has elicited diverse reactions from various cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you want to learn more about or buy any of the cryptocurrencies mentioned in this article, you can do so by following the links below, conducting a Google search, and reading White Papers. It’s always a good idea to do your own research before investing.


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