IOTA’s Tangle Chosen as Core Technology for SUSEE for Large Scale Sensor Networks

IOTA’s Tangle has been selected for the applied non-nuclear research funding in the 7th Energy Research Program called ‘innovations for the energy transition’. The partnership primes to activate large-scale sensor networks.

SUSEE as a Scalable Solution

Verena Honeck stated that the IOTA selection is its high innovation in networked sensor systems with application in the smart meter sector and involves qualified partners representing an entire value chain.

SUSEE (Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks) is a collaboration between energy distribution network operator SWO Netz GmbH, research institutes Fraunhofer FIT/IPT, the university TU Chemnitz, the SMEs peerOS GmbH, and the non-profit IOTA Foundation among others.

The SUSEE research project aims to design a scalable solution for secure and reliable data transmission and processing in sensor networks, particularly smart metering applications. The project will implement this solution based on the IOTA LEDGE distributed protocol, the LoRaWAN wireless network, and the WiBACK backhaul self-configuring network. 

Developing a Secure Ecosystem

The developers have stated that their main aim was to develop an ecosystem that is open to all, transparent, and most of all secure. This function is where IOTA comes in. It will ensure data integrity and data management by encryption and securely directing it from the edge. According to Holger Kother, director of partnerships at the IOTA foundation, he looks forward to demonstrating the use of IOTA as a security and integrity layer for upcoming applications.

It is where the main goal is the distributed resilient IT infrastructure against attacks online on projects. Also, note that the project complies with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

IOTA’s Tangle Looks Promising

In terms of availability and security, the demand for the fundamental supply infrastructure is very high. It means that a high level of security should be ensured, in addition to a high level of reliability during data transfer, for the wireless remote readback of energy consumers and power generator data.

Volkswagen, a German car manufacturer, integrated the use of tangle for securing software transfers into its products. It ensured that all cars got the data necessary to run updates and function as the digital world grows. 

To influence the value of the chain in the internet of things sector and automotive, Bosch also partnered with IOTA. The automotive company was tapping into the physical essence of the IoT internet: the provision of data by thousands of linked devices — in many cases in real-time — which can be sent back to companies. The companies can handle this physical infrastructure remotely and automatically.

These significant industry partnerships and more can be the backbone for mainstream IOTA applications.

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