Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and VeChain – European Wrap 2 September

Bitcoin price saw its uptrend being thwarted multiple times over the past week. However, the recent upswing seems to be taking a second jab at this barrier and is likely to push through it, restarting the bull run.


XLM price is showing signs of a breakout from a bullish pattern that could kick-start a massive upswing. However, Stellar needs to clear significant barriers before it embarks on the journey. Failure to do so will delay the rally and, in some cases, even invalidate the bullish thesis.

XLM/USDT 4-hour chart

Shiba Inu (SHIB) price is on a choppy road and giving both buyers and sellers headaches. Price action has been descending since August 17, but it was only until August 21 that markets got confirmation of a descending trend line (purple). Sellers eagerly jumped on the signals and succeeded in driving prices below the significant $0.00000760 level. The break of this level resulted in a classic short with a failed test to break above again. The rejection got confirmed three times more before price action dipped further to $0.00000650.

SHB/USD daily chart





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