Best New Cryptocurrencies to Check in September 2021: ‘MemeKiller, ‘ ‘Project DogeX,’ and MORE

Cryptocurrencies have been going on and off over the past years. This 2021, many of them have been dominant in the market especially at the start of the pandemic where major price changes have happened.

For someone who is investing in cryptos, the usual words that we hear are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. It’s good to invest in the tested cryptocurrencies since they already have the reputation to bounce back from a tough drop.

This September, we will be sharing with you the top 10 newest cryptocurrencies that you should follow in 2021. 

For a good investment option, here are the possible cryptos that you should check including Cryptobay, Project DogeX, etc.

Top 10 New Cryptocurrencies That You Should Explore in September

(Photo : Project DogeX)
Are you still looking for a new cryptocurrency to invest in? Here are the 10 best new cryptocurrencies that are currently on the rise as of September 2021.

If you are looking for a good referral protocol for your cryptocurrency assets, Attrace is a whole new environment that you should seek for your investment.

Attrace makes use of a blockchain tracker for your assets in the platform. Its feature includes housing NFT, IDO promotion, and more

You can create your referral bounty in this crypto space. As a promoter, you can also sign-up to earn bounties. For more earnings, you could follow the referral link.

Current Price: $0.02692

Under Binance Smart Chain, Robot Wars (WAR) is another cryptocurrency that you should follow this month. At the moment, there are 100,000,000 of them in circulation.

If you have already played “Axie Infinity” or “Binemon,” there is a token that you can collect in the game. Robot War is similar to them since you can earn $WAR as your robot grows stronger.

Current Price: $0.005657

NFT games have been the “lifeblood” of the blockchain space nowadays. Starting from a play-to-earn game such as “Plants Vs Undead,” crypto investors should also look for another BSC game, “MemeKiller.”

You need to strengthen your character during combat to gain more tokens. By upgrading your hero, you can collect more rewards in this NFT game.

Current Price: $0.1843

The list of the new cryptocurrencies will not be complete with this dog-related meme coin. The DogeX project is unforgettable for Shiba Inu fans, especially those who invested in $SHIB and $DOGE.

It features a Buyback function that tackles different transactions under the BSC blockchain space.

Current Price: $0.00000001911

Looking for the latest crypto token to explore? SuperFuel could be the answer for that.

This cryptocurrency has a special contract for investors through a lottery. For those who have not yet sold their SuperFuel token for 48 hours, the lucky holder could win 1.2 Billion SafeMoon.

According to Analytics Insight, the lottery will restart after searching for a winner.

Current Price: $0.0000006273

Old investors and even the newbies will have an easy time investing with Ledgity. Financial advisors will have no problem with this cryptocurrency since the program aims to expand the investment scope for everyone.

This crypto will also allow the access of tokenized Assets, crypto assets, and Defi yield strategies for the first time.

Current Price: $0.01194

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We are not yet finished with NFT games because “Snook,” another new cryptocurrency this year can only be earned through playing.

Have you played “Snakes” before? If yes, you can now gain tokens by playing the same game. Snook welcomes the gamers and even those who are curious to learn the NFT game.

Current Price: $1.99

Cycle Protocol lets you earn a Cycle token that you can contribute to its community. From its automatic compound reward system, you can also utilize the platform’s liquidity mining program along with Avalanche C-chain’s DEX.

Are you a lover of pirate-related games? “Crypto Bay is another metaverse NFT game like “YoHero Metaverse.” Like other NFT games, you can encounter many enemies besides constructing your harbor and taking care of your pets.

You can also join boss battles and recruit captains in your team. “Crypto Bay’s” price is still rising at the moment.

Current Price: $0.1071

MMATIC’s value experienced recent drops but still, this new cryptocurrency should be included in your soon-to-invest cryptocurrencies in September.

Here in Math-e-Matic, the only thing that you should do is to hold your token to receive MMATIC and other rewards. The instructions are very simple for the users.

Current Price: $0.000000502

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