Japan’s Biggest Brokerage Nomura Now Allows Crypto Tokens in Exchange For Pasta, Pizza, and More Dishes

Nomura, a Japanese financial holding firm, allows customers to use cryptocurrency tokens to buy and trade food dishes. There will be subscriptions that users can purchase as part of the membership.

Nomura to Offer Subscriptions Through Tradable Crypto Tokens

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Nomura is currently offering food dishes such as asparagus pizza and pumpkin ravioli in exchange for digital tokens to the customers.

According to an updated report by Bloomberg on Friday, Aug. 27, the major Japan-based brokerage has now entered the blockchain community through token selling. 

For those who are interested in the deal, users can now taste many dishes from award-winning Japanese chef Masayuki Okuda. He is known for reproducing Italian dishes using zusayama chicory, olive-fed beef, and other local ingredients in the country. 

From the company’s website, delivery options for asparagus pizza, pumpkin ravioli, and chicken tortellini are available. The users can now use the tokens for trading depending on the existing subscription plan.

How Much Does the Annual Subscription in Nomura Cost? 

For those who want to apply for the membership, you can pay 3,000. You can also opt for a subscription which costs $546 (60,000 yen) per year.

Okuda, who owned two Tokyo-based restaurants, said that he will use Hokkaido-grown ingredients for the dishes.

The cryptocurrency tokens are slowly being accepted by some restaurants in Japan and even across other parts of the world. Currently, Nomura wants to test the waters through digital tokens despite the scrutiny they faced many years ago.

While others cast their doubts about cryptocurrency tokens, many said that these digital assets have the power to provide effective profit-gaining.

Currently, Nomura Holdings Inc. is using tokens and incorporating them with other business services, including real estate. 

According to a spokesperson from Nomura, What the financial firm wants is to have a good hold of the assets in the long run to generate more business from the fishery and agricultural sector.

Last 2020, the Japanese brokerage experimented with token selling for an asparagus-focused project. Nomura Fam Hokkaido Co., one of its affiliates, spearheaded the said project.

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Fast Food Chains Are Jumping to Cryptocurrency Trend

In early August, NDTV reported that the food chain Quiznos was now open for Bitcoin payments for its sandwiches. The Bakkt app made it possible for the customers to pay digitally to the restaurant.

In 2018, KFC Canada revealed that its chicken bucket can only be bought through bitcoin. At that time, the food cost $16.

The popular North American fast-food called it “The Bitcoin Bucket.” It was sold out immediately after the food chain launched it.

For beginners who want to know more about cryptos, you may want to check this cryptocurrency guide involving its types and other related terms.  You will encounter Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and more.

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Japanese Crypto Exchange Liquid Reveals That Nearly $100 Million Are Stolen During Recent Heist

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