Crypto Whale ‘Mr. Whale’ Warns of Tether and USDC Halting Prints | Advises Hodlers to Take Profits and ‘Mute Those Moon Boys’

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Crypto Whale ‘Mr. Whale’ Warns of Tether and USDC Halting Prints | Advises Hodlers to Take Profits and ‘Mute Those Moon Boys’

A certain crypto whale account on Twitter by the name of “Mr. Whale” warns followers that both Tether and USDC are halting prints.

Mr. Whale now urges the general public to take profits and “mute those moon boys.”

Cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’s Incoming Crash’

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there are still a lot of people struggling to find out what is going on with information not as available as the stock market changes and news that are oftentimes more broadcasted.

This has changed as of recently with the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency.

According to @CryptoWhale or Mr. Whale on Twitter, ever since last week, both Tether and USDC have mysteriously suddenly halted all prints.

It was noted that something big could be happening behind the scene and that “Bitcoin’s incoming crash” will finally confirm the whole “bull trap” that Mr. Whale was warned about.

Mr. Whale says to ‘Mute Those Moon Boys’

Mr. Whale then warned the account’s followers to not be afraid to take profits and to finally “mute those moon boys,” referring to those that are extremely bullish cryptocurrency in general.

Bullish, in this context, means optimistic about the growth of either Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general.

The conversation thickened as a certain Twitter account @MHoffV1 replied to the post noting that “it will be up, not down,” and proceeded to explain why.

According to the account, there are too many large institutions in Crypto as of the moment and that they are buying up all across the board itself.

Mr. Whale Alleged ‘Bull Trap’

It was also noted that small start ups just like the cybersecurity company called Hacken are already making billion dollar deals at the moment.

According to the account, this indicated that this is now “becoming serious business.”

To this, Mr. Whale replied to this comment noting that “no there isn’t” and that the institutional demand narrative is actually “totally false” and has also been disproved a number of times.

With NFT games becoming extremely popular and the mainstream world adapting more to cryptocurrency, it’s hard to tell if the “bull trap” is to happen soon.

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Public Companies Holding Bitcoin

Mr. Whale then noted that less than 6 public companies in the whole world currently hold $BTC on their balance sheet.

The crypto whale account then ended his argument with a firm “NOT good.”

Companies like PayPal are potentially becoming more involved with cryptocurrency with the “Invest at PayPal” crypto trading platform.

The conversation thickened as @jmeidk joined, sharing a screenshot of public companies that own Bitcoin. The screenshot shows a number of publicly listed companies that reportedly all have Bitcoin in their portfolio. The account then asked what was the source on the “6 companies only?” to which they received no reply.

When searching for public companies that own Bitcoin, Coingecko noted that there are 27 companies, and the dominance of the public companies in Bitcoin is at 1.08% with a total value of $9,735,346,116 or almost $10 billion totalling 203,314.6658 in Bitcoin holdings.

The companies were then shown on the list with Microstrategy leading with a whopping $5,218,880,004 in today’s value previously entering at $2,918,000,000.

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